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Happy Scrappin

Thursday, April 8, 2010

May Tag Swap Info for Your Paper Pantry

Hi ladies,

Here is the May tag swap info. Anyone can join even if you are not a member of Your Paper Pantry. I think I would like to have a theme of "May flowers" with a twist : Use Red somewhere on your tag. So that could be red ink, red flowers, red paper. I think you get the idea. Here we have the saying April showers bring May flowers. So flowers of any kind. I like to use the shipping tags you can get at Staples the #5 sized tag. If any of our international friends need to know the size of that tag I can get you that info. You can make them all them same or different if you want. I will let you know how many to make when the sign ups have closed. So you can sign up til the end of Apirl. If we have a lot of ladies sign up I will break up into groups.

If you need some ideas you can look around here on my blog. I have posted some tags recently which should help you. Also you can leave me a message here or at YPP if you have any quesions.

Im still figuring out how we will exchange the tags. I will let you know as soon as I figure something out that will work for all including are internaional gals. Any how I think thats all for now so Happy Thursday and Thanks for stopping by.!!! Sign up and leave me a message below this post so I make sure and get you down.!!


Jude said...

Im here, when U decide put me in for your May Tag swap.
A rohanui X :-)

Dawn-Marie said...

I would love to join the tag swap!


Paula said...

Hi Lisa, I have a big box of #5 tags so let me know if anyone needs them!

Milagros said...

I would like to join if that's okay!

cathy said...

I would love to join this swap!

Noaleen said...

I would like to join in the tag swap, I live in Australia

Stacey said...

I would also like to join your swap! Sounds fun!