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Happy Scrappin

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrapbook Expo Pics

Here are some pics from my first time at Scrapbook USA Expo. I got to my some friends that I have known on for over 2 years. It was so fun meeting you Tomianne and getting to be at the expo too. We had a table and as you can see some of the gals were scrapbooking there too. I wasnt able to do that this time but maybe next time. I really liked the expo but was disappointed in some ways. I felt like the focus was paper. They had a ton of paper there. They had stamps and some flowers and even beads for watch making. I didnt see a lot of distress inks, embossing powders or any glimmer mist. No crop-a-dial or big-bites. I wish they would have had more tools and more of the things that are "HOT' in paper crafting right now. One of the ladies from a booth told me that here in Utah those things dont do well. Hmmmm..... I wonder why. Yes Cricut was there with the Cricut cake. They had lots of demenstrations going on with that. I even think I got some pics of it that I will look for and post if I did. We got to see some sneak peaks at some up coming cartridges as well. So all in all it was a fun time and I would go back, but would like to more of the extras next time. You can check out my haul videos on You Tube at my channel Scrappingpinklady. Happy Thursday and Thanks for stopping by.


Kristina said...

Ah that looks like a dream to be there. Although, it doesn't sound too great if there weren't as many products like you said.
Oh well, I'm saving up my pennies so one day I can go to CHA.

flowerdisco said...

I would love to go to at least once in my lifetime.